Adam in the AM - 6-10am Weekdays

 Adam in the AM wakes you up every morning with the latest in local and regional news, sports and the most up to date weather forecasts, Adam strives to get you the information you need to make your morning the best it can be.  Oh, did we mention how much stuff he gives away? Tickets, passes, prize packs…it’s crazy how many goodies he has for you to win!  Now, about him…Adam is married, and surrounded by women in his house, a wife and two daughters who are 8 and 6 and they just found out they'll be adding a boy to the family in July! They live in southern Ripley County with their plethora of rescue dogs! He’s been working in radio for 14 years. He just so happens to also own Froggy radio and has been waking up early for over 8 years now to host the morning show. Catch him each weekday mornings from 6-10am right here on Froggy! Have a question, comment or otherwise? Email Adam at adam@froggy959.net


Charlie Hill - 4-7pm Weekdays


Charlie Hill was born on the dirt floor of a sharecropper’s shack. From there, things went downhill. But everybody’s got a talent, and Charlie has a gift of gab.

Spending time in Albany, Macon and Atlanta Georgia along with Nashville Tennessee until one time he said “booger” on the air, a bunch of bozos complained and the thing he knew, he was doing a garden show in Amarillo.

Charlie’s looking forward to entertaining listeners from Williamstown to Madison. And who knows, you just might learn something.

EMAIL: charliehill@froggy959.net